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Data Driven Ingredients Sourcing Platform

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Ingredients sourcing
for the new ages

At this rapid growing industry, a small issue in the supply chain will have a ripple impact for the whole system. A robust and data driven ingredient sourcing solution will prevent these issues to become a problem. A modern data-driven supply chain business intelligence system can help professional making confident and informative decision. Our job is to make ingredients sourcing easier and help brands to focus more on developing innovative products for the market.

Order Tracking

Don’t know where the order is, with real time data tracking, you can find out where the ingredients are and plan your operation accordingly.


Don’t know if you have all the documents ready, you can view verified documentation related to your ingredients at any time you needed them.

Instant Quotations with Confidence

Don’t know if the quotation is still valid, with multi-dimension data analysis, we can show how confident you can feel about the pricing you received.

Inventory Prediction

Don’t know how much inventory needs to be hold, with market trend analysis and supply chain issue prediction, you only need to hold as much inventory as needed to run your operation in a cost effective way.

Risk Analysis

Don’t know when the next breakdown comes, with a more comprehensive data through the supply chain from growing region to ingredients manufacturing plants, knowing the risk before it surfaces.

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